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Preparing For Your Session

Some people, guys in particular, just want to show up after work and have their picture taken.  If that’s you, that’s fine.  If, however, you want to look your best for high quality images here are some steps you can take to look your best.

Starting a week or so before your session

Plan your outfit well ahead of time

  • Bring lingerie and outfits that you feel amazing in! This may mean that it’s time to go shopping! You want to make sure that what you’re wearing fits perfectly, enhances all the features you want to show off and is comfortable to pose and move around in

  • Think in terms of layers so that you can peel off a layer at a time

  • Be sure to try on your outfit well ahead of time just in case.  If it’s tight it will leave red marks when you take it off

  • If you’re doing the jungle scene, I recommend choosing a color other than white

  • Small patterns don’t always photograph well

  • Absolutely no neon colors. They might look great in person but will throw off the camera

  • Bring a back-up outfit, these are not the sturdiest of clothing

  • Double check for clothing tags

  • Some jewelry is fine but avoid wearing large flashy jewelry.  I want the viewer to look at you, not your accessories


Tanning and teeth whitening are an option. Don’t spray tan; it will come out orange in your images

If you dye your hair, do so a few days ahead of time so the new tint can settle in

Eat right and exercise; it will make you feel better about yourself

Double check your girl calendar to be sure your monthlies don’t coincide with your appointment

Drink plenty of water starting 5 days before the shoot to help your skin look luminous

Avoid salt for a few days before so as to not be carrying any extra water weight

If you wax, do so a few days before the shoot so the redness will be gone.


Two days before your session

Don’t spray tan. The tan comes out orangish in the camera and I can’t do a good job of editing it out.

Trimmed, shaved or all natural? They’re all great and personal choice but if you’re going to wax do so early enough that the redness will clear up before your session.


The day before your session

And don’t drink much alcohol the night before.  The better you feel, the more confident you’ll feel the day of your shoot.

Hands & Feet play a larger role in your boudoir session than you might think. I would prepare your hands and feet with a mani-pedi the day before, and make sure the color fits the look and feel you're after. 

Bath, shave and moisturize the day BEFORE the session or in case of an evening session do those things in the morning.

Be sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before your session.


The day of your session

Wear Loose Fitting Comfy Clothes to the Boudoir Studio.  Skip the bra, skip the socks, skip the watch, and forget that belt, those tight jeans, and anything else which could leave an impression in your skin. It may seem like a small thing, but these lines can really stand out on otherwise smooth skin. Besides, you want to relax and feel confident, and tight clothes are only going to restrict you.

Get your nail and toes done! It’s one of those small details that can make a big impact. A piece of chipped nail polish can ruin a perfect photo, and sometimes a simple pose with your fingers delicately positioned in the right place is oh so sexy!

Also bring extra make up for touch ups.

Bring extra...Everything the last thing you want is to have a rip in your lace corset or a run in your stockings the day of your shoot. If you have a backup, you can switch, and save the session. Although artistically “distressed” articles can look good in a photo, for most of us, unseemly rips (especially in certain areas) are the last thing that we want.

Double check that you’ve packed EVERYTHING you will need.


Once you arrive


Most people arrive here between a little nervous and lot nervous.  If you’re nervous or tense the camera will pick up on it and amplify it.  On your way here psyche yourself into a state of FUN! EROTICISM! and “I’M SO SEXY!”

See the page on “How It Works” but basically there’s no rush, I’ll show you around, we’ll visit and I’ll make sure you’re comfortable before we begin.

I’ve never met a woman who didn’t have a thing or two about their body they don’t like.  Let me know what that is so we can try to work around it.


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