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About Me

I began working as a freelance photographer in 2017.  After posting an ad for Boudoir Photography I quickly learned that the is a demand for boudoir that is wilder and edgier than normal boudoir.  I also learned that a lot people are more interested in interesting content at a lower price than paying a small fortune for over edited images and many people want video. 

It didn't take long before I realized that because of my personality type and interest in the subject, I'm good at this sort of photography. 

I found a demand, tapped into my creativity, created my niche and presto- Boudoir with a Twist!

I have since learned that for many people it's more about the experience than it is about pictures or video.

This led me to the art of helping people live out there fantasies on camera.

It's a career made for me and I love it!

I hope to help you love the experience!

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