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Available Scenes

Below are the available scenes for you to choose from at my in-home-studio.  We are not limited to these scenes.  We can shoot outdoors or even create the scene of your fantasy with additional backdrops or props.  We are only limited by your imagination. Note: There may be a surcharge if I have to order props or backdrops.  Also, through the use of green screen technology, we can place you naked anywhere on the planet.

When shooting these scenes, I will guide you through every step of the shoot, much like a fashion photographer guides a model to ensure some great images.  You simply relax and enjoy the experience!

In addition to the scenes listed below, I have many props such as boas, blindfolds, masks, handcuffs, etc. that you are

welcome to use.  I add new things all the time so if there is something else you'd like, please just ask.

I am open-minded, non-judgmental and experienced with these sorts of things.  So, if you want a picture of...anything

(legal!), I will shoot it!


Couples Boudoir


Designed for couples who wish to celebrate their love for one another and record images of that love for eternity.

Couples boudoir can be set in anyone of the other scenes, at your home, outdoors or in any scene we can create.


Jungle Scene


Similar to a typical boudoir set up, a day bed with a leopard skin comforter and a jungle backdrop provide the scene which strives to bring out the animal magnetism within you.  Any outfit that lends itself to jungle girl, native girl or "wild thing" will work.  A sexy cat or tiger outfit (maybe ears and a tail) works very well.  There are two large palm leaves you can pose

with and use to cover you private parts if you choose to do so. 

Many women prefer to begin the scene in a complete outfit and slowly undress for the camera to whatever degree they wish, including fully nude.


Saloon Scene


Like Old Time Photography but much sexier!


Sex Swing

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Stripper Pole

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Light Bondage

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